The stationery loving Milligram Studio were able to end their hunt for the perfect diary layouts…by creating them!

The discussion of what makes a perfect design literally has the team pouring through hundreds of diary layouts. Combining these findings with the team’s experience we created three unique templates each offering a very different take on organisation.

The Milligram Studio 2018 diary collections have highly considered layouts, use quality materials and are a joy to use.

The Non-Diary: The subtle daily diary for people who don’t use a diary.

The Agenda Diary: The weekly diary for the task oriented diary user.

The Family Diary: A design-led and highly functional diary for busy families.

To create the perfect diary we needed the best team. We collaborated with Beci Orpin one of Melbourne’s most acclaimed designers, illustrators and authors. Beci’s vibrant and playful aesthetic was important to bringing an element of joy to the designs.

As one of the busiest designers and mothers we know, Beci’s take on organisation was influential to the layout templates and her love of colour and illustration shines through the pages.

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