Our first range is (finally) here!

Milligram Studio notebooks

The first range of Milligram Studio diaries and notebooks have landed at our Melbourne warehouse. We can’t really describe how exciting it is to receive your first REAL delivery – REAL production run – of products you’ve been working on for close to a year!┬áIt’s such a huge journey: from initial design to testing to refinements to more refinements to sampling to shipping to…here!

The team have learned a lot on this first journey into product design.

Probably the first lesson: everything takes longer than you think! Whether it’s coming up with a design that everyone agrees is ‘the best’ to getting samples printed correctly, it really does take time.

Secondly, collaboration is key. There was more than one collaboration in this range. There was a design collaboration with the talented and enthusiastic Beci Orpin, there was the internal team collaboration bringing together different talents and perspectives and finally, the collaboration with our manufacturing partners.

Thirdly – what you end up with will often be very different to where you started. Our initial thoughts on the range have evolved so much in the development phase. It has definitely been for the better, so all that time in the process brought as many rewards as it did frustrations.

Finally – collecting samples from manufacturers in several countries makes for very heavy luggage!

Now that these ranges are here, it feels like both an ending and a beginning. It’s an end to the long development process and it’s a beginning as the notebooks and diaries find their way into the hands of customers. We really do hope people love them!

You can learn more about the diaries here and the notebooks here. And if you want to acquire any, please check out our stockists page.

Milligram notebooks